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Creating sustainable performance and success for athletes, sporting organisations, clubs and teams.

Using the applied experience gained in performance sport since 1999, the aim of DM Performance Science is to help athletes (elite or amateur) achieve their goals, and to help organisations and teams optimise support provided to athletes, ensuring talent is able to develop and thrive. DM Performance science will develop bespoke solutions for you through the application of scientific, evidence-based performance support.


Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”– Michael Jordan

The aim of DM Performance Science is to help athletes (elite or amateur) achieve their goals, whether that's competitive success, completing a challenge or improving health and well-being. Providing evidence-based personalised performance support to ensure that you are optimising your time and preparation, you can confidently focus on your goals.

Performance support we can offer:

  • Individualised performance plan

  • Training programme review

  • Event performance delivery plan

  • Individualised training plan

  • Performance problem solving 


Teams and Organisations

The measure of a successful programme is not short term success but the ability to succeed time and time again.

Long term success is built on strong foundations, on an integrated support system that creates an environment for development and promotes athlete health, enabling sustainable long-term performance.  

It is the aim of DM Performance science to help organisations and teams to optimise the support provided to athletes, ensure talent is able to develop and thrive and help support teams become high performing.

If you want to create an environment that promotes sustainable athletic performance, or want to review how you currently support and develop your talent, then get in touch, DM Performance Science may be your answer. Together, we'll build a strong support system that will enable the sustained success of both your people and your organisation.

Performance support projects:

  • Designing and implementing high performance support systems 

  • Performance pathway analytics 

  • Developing / supporting sport science and medicine services

  • Performance support and management for individual athletes and teams

  • Project management

  • Research and performance solutions


Mentoring and coaching

Mentoring and coaching can, when provided skilfully, help you with the "how to", with problem solving, moving forward and making  decisions. 

Coaching is the process by which you work with your coach to achieve more and to unlock your natural ability.  The process of coaching aims to increase awareness of the factors that are affecting your performance, make you aware of your choices and giving you the confidence to make decisions.


People are expected to be able to do more, perform at higher levels and fulfil their dreams and goals. Invest in yourself and close the gap between your performance and your potential. 


Public speaking, workshops and educational sessions

Facilitating learning and developing knowledge to inspire others to achieve and become high performing  

David at DM Performance Science is passionate about sharing the knowledge and the experience that he has been gained over many years working in high performance sport in order to help others achieve their goals, and become high performing. If you are looking for an insight into high performance sport, would like to learn how to optimise your training and performance or would like to develop the knowledge and expertise of your team, support team or organisation in a specific area, then get in touch.