Optimising Performance, Developing Talent and People

What I Do

Creating sustainable performance and success for athletes, sporting organisations and teams.

The aim of DM performance science is to help athletes (elite or amateur), organisations and teams to achieve their goals,  through  evidence-based personalised performance support. Whether you are looking to make the next jump in your sporting campaign, have a personal challenge to complete or are a sport organisation or team looking to develop your talent in a systematic and comprehensive manner, DM performance science will work with you to develop a strategy that is bespoke to your needs, achievable and sustainable.

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DM Performance Science helps athletes (elite or amateur) achieve their goals, whether that's competitive success, completing a challenge or improving health and well-being.

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Mentoring and coaching

Coaching and mentoring can, when provided skilfully, help you with the "how to", with problem solving, moving forward and making  decisions. 

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Organisations and teams

DM Performance science helps organisations, clubs and teams optimise support provided to athletes, ensures talent is able to develop and thrive and helps support teams become high performing.


Public speaking, workshops and education sessions

Facilitating learning and developing knowledge to inspire others to achieve and become high performing  


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